Oregon coast winter steelhead

January through April the rivers of the north Oregon coast transform into some of the most productive winter steelhead waters in the Pacific Northwest.  The Trask, Wilson, Nehalem, and Nestucca Rivers hold runs of wild winter and spring steelhead, and are ideal for fly fishing and spey casting.  The steelhead of the north Oregon coast are large and strong, and the possibility of fish in the upper teens or even 20 pound range is present every cast.  Steelhead covered with sea lice are not uncommon, fresh from the Pacific Ocean.  River Runner Outfitters provides guided winter steelhead trips on the north Oregon Coast.

Towering spruce and alder trees, giant moss covered boulders, and western sword ferns cloak pristine high gradient streams.  On an ideal day the water will be running "steelhead green".  Oregon coastal rivers rise quickly after a rain and drop in to shape soon after.  They range from tiny to large in size, each responding differently to weather conditions.  There is almost always a river in good shape, holding fresh winter steelhead.

The steelhead water of the Oregon coastal rivers varies from classic step and swing gravel bars, to obscure ledges and distant holding lies.  The fishing ranges from easy, perfect swings to technical presentations, with wading from easy to difficult.  The north Oregon coastal rivers will challenge and delight steelhead spey anglers with all levels of experience.

winter steelhead fly fishing tackle

Successful fly fishing for Oregon coast winter steelhead often requires heavy sink tips and large flies.  To cast effectively, spey rods of 12' to 13' 6" are preferred, in 7 to 9 weight.  Skagit lines are the best tool for the job, allowing anglers to cast within the canopy of trees that is typical along the banks of Oregon coastal rivers.  The most useful sink tips are 12' of T11, 10' and 12' of T14.  With the proper layering, breathable goretex waders are ideal for fishing the Oregon coast.

Oregon coast guided winter steelhead trips

During the winter and early spring River Runner Outfitters offers guided winter steelhead fly fishing trips on the north Oregon coastal rivers based out of Netarts, Oregon.  Each day you will be transported by 4WD vehicle to one of four local rivers.  Fishing three to five days is recommended, as river conditions change every day.


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