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Fishing report for the first week of August

Fishing last week was good from Pine Tree to Mack's, although a little on the slow side from Mack's to the mouth.  Water temperatures are up a bit due to a heat wave of high 90's and 100 degree weather.  As soon as the heat mellows out we should see the river cool some.  Also, releases from Pelton Dam should start to indicate the change in top vs bottom water being released from Round Butte Dam just uplake (is that a word?).  August 1st the release switches from 85% top 15% bottom to a 75/25 blend.  It takes a few days to cycle through Lake Simtustus and into the Lower Deshcutes, then another 24 hours to hit the mouth.  So, I am hopeful for a wave of great fishing to hit us very soon!

For now it remains hard work to find a few kick ass fish, and this is normal for many summer steelhead fisheries.  Here is a photo of a beautiful hen from guide Nick Rowell...

August steelhead Deschutes River.jpg

Also spent two days last week hunting redsides around Maupin.  We had a stellar evening dry fly caddis session, followed by a great morning of nymphing riffles and stalking an incredibly picky and LARGE trout rising in a backeddy.  After refusing a size 14 olive x-caddis and a size 16 pmd sparkle dun (they will almost always take on of these flies!), he finally sipped a tan sparkle pupae dropped behind the x-caddis.  The sparkle pupae has been getting it done this summer!

Stay cool,