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Suckers for punishment

Winter steelheaders are.  You have to really enjoy the fishing and not let total saturation get you down.  Winter steelhead are unpredictable creatures and the habitats that they live in are equally volatile.  When the rain is pounding and the rivers are rising I tell myself, "the river temperatures are rising", "the PH level of the water is improving", "the fish are moving through more accessible water"...  The truth is they come when they come, low water or high, rain or shine.  Your fly has to be in the water though.

Cairn's home made soups have helped take the edge off cold wet days on the river.  New England clam chowder... white chili... andouille sausage, wild rice, and corn chowder... chedar broccoli... soaked up with a rustic baguette... she has been working magic in the kitchen!

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Having fun yet?

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Sun feels good