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Deschutes River Steelhead 2010

Happy 4th of July!  We just finished up our first Deschutes River steelhead float trip of the summer. Spey fishing the Deschutes for steelhead in July is magical.  Only a few hours of the day require fishing in waders.  After breakfast, it's shorts and neoprene booties until shade cools the dry canyon air.  July and August provide the longest morning fishing hours before sun light penetrates the river.  Not that fishing with sun on the water isn't kicks butt!  However, floating lines and shaded water pair nicely together.

Casting a Scandinavian floating spey line is always a little strange after fishing Skagit lines and T-14 all winter, then tossing dry flies for trout for a few months.  It takes a few casts to work out the kinks.  As soon as you slow it down a little, it all comes back.  With five feet of running line out the rod tip, you make that first slow and deceptively powerful sweep and ZING!  Your first prefect snake roll sends a size four silver hilton towards the opposite bank, similar to a Doberman charging in the junk yard, abruptly reaching the end of its chain.  It's a great feeling.

Is there anything more satisfying than a tender steak and a glass of red wine after landing your first steelhead of the summer?




PS: Caddis are going nuts, and trout fishing has been fantastic!