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Deschutes River Fly & Fishing Report

Fly Report:  Through the business of steelhead season, I have been trying hard to get a few flies tied each day off the water.  Thanks to our local fly shop for stocking a ton of great steelhead fly materials, I can now walk down the street and grab all kinds of hard to find goodies.  Here are a few classic patterns hot off the vise...

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Fishing Report:  My last post was so convenient, right after a productive trip.  Since then the fishing has settled back into the typical summer program.  We have had our productive days and our slow days.  Only one day produced no hook ups.  Most days last week our clients found one or two fish.  The last few days have been better though.  On Friday, first time spey caster John Gleason showed up for a half day float, picked up casting in the first run, and was into his backing on run two.  That fish was hot! It found its way deep into the backing before breaking off... oopse!  The night before last, a beautiful seven pound native destroyed the fly while stepping and stripping line.  These fish will surprise you sometimes.  In short, fishing is good.  It hasn't been red hot, but the trend has been improving each day of the past week.

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Trout fishing has been pretty decent.  Fish have been taking mostly either tiny size 18 and 20 nymphs and pupa, or larger girdle bugs.  Pat's Rubber Legs (brown, size 10) is one of my favorite late summer and fall  nymph patterns, representing an immature stonefly nymph.  Dry fly fishing has been spotty, but there have been a few golden opportunities each day.  Search the foamy water near the bank and under trees during the day, and have a few size 14 and purple hazes or parawulfs for late evening action.

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