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Deschutes River Fall Steelhead Report

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My favorite photo of the season, taken by Nick Rowell this fall on the Lower Deschutes River.  For a collection of photos from our 2011 steelhead guiding season, check out our facebook photo album "Deschutes Steelhead 2011".

Our fall steelhead guiding season in Central Oregon is slowing down.  Here is a quick recap of the past month of steelhead fishing...

Most recently fishing has been really tough.  We have had 0 fish days, then a six fish day, then nothing again.  Typical steelheading!  This fall has been slower than normal though.  I found myself looking more closely at the details of each fish we brought to hand.  Each one was so special!  I will not take good fishing for granted in the future.

We did have some amazing flurries of action in mid to late October, but they seemed to coincide with some odd weather patterns more than anything else.  Very inconsistent.  If you got into some great fishing this fall, consider yourself fortunate.

River temps have been hovering between 48 and 50 degrees.  On that note, floating lines have produced very sluggish takes, resulting lost fish.  Sink tips have clearly been the tool of choice.  Exact length and sink rate just needs to be matched to the water you're fishing.  10 feet of T11 and  10 feet of T14, along with a variety of weighted and unweighted flies, covers all the water I like to fish.

Slow fishing aside, I have had a heck of a time being out there with my crew and clients... what I consider family when we are on the river and at camp.  Thanks to my crew, Nick, Nate, Cairn and Michael for busting your butts for me this year.

To everyone who fished with us this year, trout or steelhead, day or camp, I appreciate it so much.  Thank you.