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Warm Springs to Maupin Fly Fishing Report - Deschutes River OR

Deschutes Trout Fly Fishing Report

Just returned from three days of floating 45 miles from Warm Springs to Maupin.  This trip was a family vacation, so fishing was a part of the bigger picture.  Equally important on this trip were camping out, swimming, nature watching, and eating good on the river.

George (14) and brother Carl (12) took turns dry fly and nymph fishing, while Mom and Dad relaxed in the shade.  Fishing was great, catching was okay... the boys managed to hook some monsters, but all of the big trout broke off on screaming runs.  A few smaller trout were brought to hand

Jumping off cliffs into deep cool water was a highlight for the boys, as was class III Whitehorse Rapids

Dry fly fishing was slow, but the trout were taking size 16 lightning bugs, 18 beadhead yellow sally, and size 16 natural sparkle pupae drifted with split shot under indicators.

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