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Oregon coast steelhead report

Steelheading this spring has been tough on the north Oregon coast.  Before the last high water event earlier in March fishing was very consistent.  After the rivers dropped into shape it became a tough game.  We have caught some nice steelhead, but we are working very hard for them right now.  There are a lot of fish in the mountains right now, spawning or preparing to.  Thankfully the forks and upper reaches of the rivers close April 1st.  The rivers blew out last night, and are still rising.  It is raining like crazy on the coast right now, and the wind is howling pretty good.  When the rivers drop into shape fishing should be on again.  A fresh batch of chromers will be entering the rivers any time, maybe even as I am typing this.  Can't wait to get back out.  For the next few days I'll be restocking my fly box.

Here are some photos from a trip with Mike Woods on Tuesday...

Mike Woods spey casting.jpg
Mike Woods steelhead.jpg

This fish took Mike's unweighted rabit strip so lightly. Near the very end of the swing it loked like he stuck the bottom.  He didn't move a muscle, and the tip of the rod was very gently bobbing.  I asked " what is that?" and Mike said "a fish".  He continued to do nothing and the rod kept bobbing sooo softly.  After about ten seconds the fish finally turned on the fly and became airborne.  That was the longest take I have every seen, and Mike showed unreal discipline that only comes with tons of experience.