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Deschutes River Steelhead Report

Just finished a week of steelhead trips on the Deschutes River.  The river has cooled significantly to  59 degrees in the morning, and 64 in the evenings on the lower river.  The fishing has picked up big time from the past month.  Each day of the past week we have caught one steelhead on the slowest day and six on the best day.  floating lines and wet or damp flies in the mornings have produced the best fishing.  The angling pressure on the river from Pine Tree to the mouth has been insanely busy one day, then deserted the next.  Kind of strange.  I have also been hearing mixed reports from other anglers, with lots of people claiming slow fishing.  I noticed a lot pf people fishing over the top of each other on my last trip to the mouth.  Having a good fishing program and making sure you have really good clean water is essential.

Wild to the fly

Couldn't say no to the purple muddler

Green butt skunk tied Merril Hummer style

Lots of big runs, big jumps, and big smiles last week.  looking forward to my next trip!


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