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Steelhead Fly Fishing Report - Deschutes River

Don't have much time for a report, but here are a few shots from the past few days.  The slowest day we hooked three fish, the best day eight fish.  Gotta be at the right place at the right time.  the first fish of the trip took John Cambria's Freight Train the instant his 70 foot cast landed.  When he lifted the rod to mend, the fish was on.  I thought he casted acrossed a submerged branch or something.  Incredible!!  The majority of the fish were hooked in the shade on dry flies, although the mid day sink tip bite has picked up.

John Cambria first run of the trip.jpg

Cast. Mend. Fish on!

Carston Andre afternoon steelhead.jpg

The line was peeling down river, the steelhead jumped way upstream. Carston Andre didn't believe it was his fish!

Improved Bomber by Dave Hess.jpg

Dave Hess comes to the Deschutes from Pennsylvania to skate dry flies for steelhead.

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