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More Salmonfly Hatch Photos from the Deschutes River

The salmonfly hatch is peaking out near Warm Springs right now.  Yesterday was incredible... should have been here yesterday!  The hatch is thinning out around Maupin and really winding down below Sherars Falls.  Thats not to say fishing isn't still good on the lower river, the trout are just keying into other smaller bugs like yellow sallies and caddis.  I have been on high alert for green drakes, but haven't seen more than a couple each day.  Yesterday was overcast and rainy and still no drakes!  WTF?  Oh well, we had plenty of action on salmonflies.

Tip of the day:  fish something besides a chubby chernobyl... the trout could tie them better than we can right now.  Every angler I see is casting a white cotton ball.  Try something different.  Use classic flies like the Clark, Norm, and Kaufmann bugs, or be creative and come up with something different.


Fun times!  Thanks for checking in,