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Salmonflies gone, fishing good on Deschutes River

Trout fishing has been pretty good on the Lower Deschutes the past few weeks.  The big bugs have disappeared for the most part.  One could go on fishing big bugs and still find spotty success but we have been doing much better on smaller bugs like yellow sallies and caddis type stuff.  A size 14 purple para wulff is a killer hot fly this time of year.  My last three day float started off with action on golden stone dries the first day, although we had to bow cast them under trees.  Casting way out towards the middle of the river in broad riffley water was also productive.  The action definitely switched to caddis and mayfly as we drifted closer to Maupin.  Trout are making their way into summer time "small fly" spots that include foamy backeddies and slack water where tiny bugs collect by the millions.  They are not thick in the eddies yet but I have been keeping a close eye and they are just starting to nose in to the slow foamy stuff.  Natural colored clothing and a stealthy approach will become crucial in the upcoming weeks.

I have run into a couple of really tough days... we still caught a pile of trout but they were really concentrated in one or two spots.  One other note - the trout are hammering caddis pupae/emerger patters like LaFontain's, Silvey's prime time pupae, etc.  Fish 'em with a couple split shot just a few feet under a small indicator.  You can fish this rig in all kinds of water, not just nymphing water.

Bend native Bruce Fox doing what he loves

A wild fishing spot and a nice fish

Rick Stiggins with a nice one... go Stick!!

Good times with Dan Drazan and friends!

Our clumsy little friends

Bam! Fish on. A perfect salmonfly spot.


Brian Sera and a dandy redside

In other news Cairn is almost there!  In theory our baby girl will be born in 26 days.  I couldn't be more excited for anything.  Cairn's sister took some amazing maternity photos with us the other day and while not fishing related I will post one when I get my hands on it.

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