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Season of the White (River)

I'm sitting at the bar in our new house in Bend watching snow fly... winter seems to be firming its grip on Central Oregon and I am happy to be inside with my girls and a fire.  Reflecting back on the past five months of chasing steelhead on the Deschutes I learned some new things about this unique watershed.  Seeing new things after years of being on the water is humbling, but ultimately strengthens my understanding of the river.  It also reinforces the fact that the Deschutes is living breathing thing.  Fishing was spotty and difficult overall this summer and fall but we never went too far in between really good or at least solid fishing.  We caught plenty of beautiful fish this season, the only frustrating thing was fishing sink tips so much of the time in August and September, even during low light.  Gotta put food on the table though so T-8 it was.

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who fished with us this year or seasons passed.  We're fortunate to have clients that we enjoy being with and can call friends.  You're good people.  Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving,