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2016 Winter Steelhead Recap

This winter / spring steelheading season was pretty awesome all things considered.  Given the weather we were fortunate to get on the water as much as we did.  The rivers did blow out a few times, but mostly teetered just beneath their threshold.  When it wasn't pouring with nuclear wind we enjoyed fishing steelhead green water under cloudy damp skies - perfect steelheading conditions.  Nearly all of the fish landed this season have been fresh and bright.

During high water years I always speculate what the escapement is like (fish that run while the rivers are blown out and never see angling pressure).  I always wonder if the season will end early since the fish have had so many opportunities to run and spawn.  For what it's worth I have observed that when the rivers are high and the weather is stormy all winter the fishing can hold up well through April.  Still a few weeks of opportunity left.  I am glad the Deschutes salmonfly hatch doesn't start any earlier than it does.

Live long and prosper,