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The Green Drake Trick

Here is a shot of me hoisting a sweet redside that Vince Burke caught a few weeks ago on a Deschutes River float trip.

Deschutes redside that ate a green drake during the stonefly hatch

It was the last day of a four day float and we were fishing our way to Maupin.  The salmonfly hatch was really thinning out along the lower part of the float.  As I was floating by a pretty good stonefly spot I saw a salmonfly flapping its wings and get nailed by a big trout.  I pulled over and we put the sneak on him.  Vince made a few casts and got refused even after making a few pattern changes.  It was clear the trout wanted to eat, but had been well educated with stonefly imitations.  I tied on a parachute green drake and the trout crushed it on the first cast.  It was a bright sunny day and there were no drakes hatching at all.  Sometimes when the trout want to eat stoneflies but are too stubborn, try something totally of the wall.  Maybe one of those green drakes you've been holding on to for a rainy day.