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Family Fly Fishing Lessons & Drift Boat Trip near Bend, Oregon

fly fishing lessons on the Deschutes River near Bend
Ethan Anderson's first day with a fly rod
Drift boat fly fishing trip in Central Oregon

We consider everyone who fishes with us to be part of our family.  That said, some of the most satisfying days on the river have been facilitating family fun through fly fishing.  The photos above were taken during a day a few weeks ago with the Anderson family from San Diego.

With six in the group they decided to go with three per boat.  We usually stick with two anglers per boat so this is something I typically reserve for family trips.  There were two young dudes, Ethan (12) and Jakob (9), their three uncles, and Grandpa.  Sterling was my right hand man on this trip and is very patient with kids and beginners.

We usually like to meet our guests in Madras, about 45 minutes north of Bend.  Transportation from Bend can be arranged.  We can outfit anyone with waders, rods, and anything you might need for a day on the river.  Also provided are safety equipment and lunch.

When it comes to teaching fly fishing we believe that less is often more, and we try to keep things light and fun.  Not too much technical talk.  No bug Latin.  There is so much to absorb in the beginning that we stick to the essentials.  A group lesson often starts the day off right.

Lunch time is enjoyed as a group and can be a relaxing break from learning to cast and fish.  Hot or cold, we like to throw down a good spread.  Special dietary requirements or preferences are gladly accommodated.

Our goal is to leave folks wanting more.  While there isn't an exact take out time we believe that it is best to wrap it up while everyone is still having fun and before the kids get too tired or board.  The best compliment we can get at the end of the day is when the kids aren't ready to leave.  We typically have guests on their way back to Bend around 5:30.

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