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An Ode to Shade

Sun creeps down, shade melts away.  Right on time every day.  Birds are singing, the rivers cool.  The air is still at a favorite pool.  Fish are rested, hope they're here.  You go first, I'll bring up the rear.  Shade's almost gone, time for a few more.  Opportunity's knocking, answer the door.

evening shade session on the Lower Deschutes

The sun is shining hot and bright.  Waiting impatiently for last light.  The day is coming to an end.  The last hour is my best friend.  Windy, calm, you never know.  River reflects the golden glow.  Expectations low, anticipation high.  Fly box opens, choose a fly.

Spey casting through legendary steelhead runs on the Deschutes

Skater, wet, or in between.  Fly anxiety if you know what I mean.  Classic patterns stand the test of time.  Anglers before us come to mind.  Pick one out, tie it on.  Confidence at dusk and dawn.  The fly connects angler and fish.  Make a cast, then a wish.

Make a cast, mend the line.  Everything is going fine.  Meditate, concentrate.  Another cast, another wait.  Hold your breath, get ready for the show.  Could be this cast, or 999 to go.

A sudden pull, a rude interruption.  The surface explodes, a volcanic eruption!  This six weight rod feels a bit too light, like bringing a knife to a gun fight.  Hang in there sir, she's almost in.  Blushing cheeks, translucent fins.  Cradle gently, keeping wet.  Spirited release.  As good as it gets.

David and grandson Justin stoked on their first steelhead encounter