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Deschutes River Fly Fishing Report

Trout:  Trout fishing has been good.  Most days have consisted of dry fly fishing with caddis patterns late morning through late afternoon, then a flurry of surface action during the last hour of light.  Attractor patterns have produced nicely also, including the Royal Wullf, Purple Para Wulff, and Humpy.  Some times its fun to fish old school flies!  Nymphing has also been productive, with size 16 and 18 pheasant tails (try no bead for a change) and cream colored rockworms and caddis pupae.  Think small for both dries and nymphs.

Steelhead:  We have made two floats to the mouth so far, both trips producing beautiful chrome bright steelhead.  River temperatures are 58 at Pelton Dam.  Near the mouth the river is running about 65 degrees in the evenings.  Cooler in the mornings... didn't take AM temps though.  I did a fare amount of wet wading on both trips and it is still chilly in certain areas!  Fishing was modestly good during all times of day.  Fishing pressure was light until we got to Hot Rocks... not too bad below there either.  Can't wait for my next trip.

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