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Deschutes Trout Fishing Report

How has fishing been?  F'ing awesome!  About what you can expect in May on the Lower Deschutes.  If you know me, awesome fishing doesn't necessarily equate to lots and lots of action but rather a key moment or experience that defines the day and sometimes the trip.

The hatch has blown through the lower river and is now upstream from Maupin for the most part.  The mix of hot and cold weather we have had the past few weeks has kept the bugs from all mating and dying at once, extending the hatch a bit this season.  When the weather is cooler you typically won't see fast and furious action, but just about anywhere you fish the trout are keeping an eye out for the big bugs.

Over the past week I have seen some of the best PMD hatches I've seen in years.  Not blanket hatches but enough to put the trout in places they rarely go to feed on the weedbed dwelling Pale Morning Duns.  My favorite pattern for the PMD hatch is the sparkle dun size 16.  What a fun change of pace from hammering the banks with stoneflies.  Green Drakes have made appearances here and there but I haven't personally got into them.

Fishing aside, the scenic value of the Trout Creek to Maupin float is high.  Camping on the river gives you a a unique perspective and the opportunity to explore a new stretch of river each day.  It keeps the mind guessing what's around the next bend.  Absorb the rugged beauty of the canyon from the comfort of our drift boats.  Put a Deschutes River float trip on your bucket list and keep us in mind.