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I am going to tell you about one of the greatest days of my life so far.  A few weeks ago Cairn and I took our 22 month old daughter Paley on her first float down the Deschutes from Warm Springs to Trout Creek.  She loves water and she loves animals.  She really loves fish!

The weather was perfect.  Near 80 with over cast and a slight breeze to keep us cool.  We thought she might be apprehensive about the drift boat but once we set sail she was all over the place.  On the bow.  On her seat.  On Mom's seat.  On Dad's lap helping me row.  She was very busy in the boat. and seemed to enjoy the float.

Daddy and daughter on the Deschutes

We made a grand total of three fishing stops.  It was just before the stoneflies started hatching near Warm Springs so we picked out a few cherry riffles and drifted a jimmy legs (stonefly nymph).  Fishing was great and I hooked up on almost every cast.  Paley was stoked each time I brought a trout to hand and a little upset about the release... doesn't make much sense to a two year old.

We hit the Trout Creek take out before she got bored or tired.  She still wanted more and that is exactly how we wanted to leave that day.  It was the kind of day you don't want to end.  The kind of day you want to pause because this is what life is all about.  What we work our asses off to enjoy.

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